Ingrown hairs therapy lotion 100ml

Ingrown hairs therapy lotion 100ml


Ingrown Hairs Therapy Active prevents and eliminates ingrown hairs and bumps on the face, bikini line, legs and underarms. Scientifically formulated with Tea Tree Oil, Triclosan and Vitamin A, Active Paste reduces redness and swelling for smooth, healthy-looking skin after hair removal.

  • Directions

    Apply to clean, dry skin after hair removal.

    For ingrown hair prevention gently massage a small amount of lotion into the zone where hairs were removed, daily, for 7-10 days.

    For ingrown hair elimination apply twice a day, daily, until improvement is visible. After that, use once daily.

    Recommended for large areas (legs, arms). For delicates areas, we recommend using Ingrown Hairs Therapy Active Paste from ITALWAX.

    See detailed instructions on the package.

    Caution: discontinue if excessive irritation of the skin develops. Avoid getting into eyes or mucous membrane. Do not apply to damaged skin.